Gratitude in Difficulties

It is wonderful to be grateful and to sing Your praises, LORD Most High! PSALM 92:1 CEV 

Gratefulness is a vital aspect of our relationship with God, and it is something that we should cultivate daily. However, it can be challenging to maintain a grateful attitude when life is difficult, and we face unexpected circumstances and losses. It is in those moments that we must lift our eyes to God and trust in His goodness and love. 

God never promised us an easy life, but He did promise to be with us every step of the way. He sent us the Holy Spirit to be our Helper and Guide, and we can turn to Him in prayer to ask for the strength and the courage to press on. We should be honest and open with God in prayer, confessing our hurts and struggles and asking Him to help us cultivate a grateful heart. 

As we reflect on the past, we can see the evidence of God’s goodness in our lives. We can recall the blessings He has poured out upon us, often undeserved and unattainable. We can remember the challenges that we thought were impossible, yet through which God made us victorious. We can look back at the moments when we thought all was lost, but God made a way where there seemed to be no way. 

God is still present and listening to us today. We can ask the Holy Spirit to help us recognize God’s greatness in our lives in all circumstances, even in the midst of hardship. We can thank God for all the past blessings and promises He has made to us—and for all the blessings yet to come. 

Living a life filled with gratitude to God is not always easy, but it is a good thing. When we live with a thankful heart, we open ourselves up to receive the blessings that God wants to pour out on us. We can trust that God will always care for us and provide for us, and that His blessings will overflow in our lives. So, let us choose to be thankful to God every day, even in the midst of the challenges and chaos we face as we live our lives for Him. 


Heavenly Father, I worship You for You are the God of all gods and the Lord of all lords. You are great—the mighty and awesome God over all. I praise You, for all that is in the heavens and the earth is Yours. Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and You are exalted as Head above all. You are the King of all kings, and You are to be feared above all gods. You are great and greatly to be praised. Amen. 

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