Faith Like a Child

Depending on God requires complete and total surrender, even when you can’t see the outcome or start to fear the unknown, that even though you don’t know what this day may hold, God is in full control. I think of my son and our relationship often. How much he depends on me. His trust that I will supply what he needs—safety, nourishment, protection, etc. He places his hands in mine and has faith that I will sustain him. That is the kind of faith I long for. Faith like a child. To become humble, trusting, and teachable. I know I will have days when I lack trust because my fears will kick in, but my salvation isn’t dependent on myself or anyone else. It’s a gift from God that was given out of love for me, His child, not any reward for good works. As you continue to grow and learn, my prayer is that your faith continues to reflect your choice to surrender your all, holding nothing back. Leave whatever you prayed about over to God without worry attached to it. May your faith allow you to depend solely on God and His provisions over your life. 

Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. MATTHEW 18: 3 ESV 

God, may my heart find its way back to You. I ask that You uproot everything that’s been stealing my joy. The negativity, the guilt, shame, all of the junk that has consumed my life, that tried to take Your place. May You continue to fill empty voids and renew my heart. 

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