Dear Woman in Ministry

Dear Woman in Ministry,

It’s Ministry Appreciation Month—a time to pause and say thanks to those who give so much of themselves to us. Men and women like you who pour out and dig deep. The ones who encourage and bless, who lay their hands on our lives and we are better for it.

A month doesn’t seem long enough. It seems to me that ministry appreciation should happen all year round, every single day. Because that’s how often you give. But I’m glad for an occasion that makes us pause and consider in a more intentional way what you do for us.

First, I want to say that you are brave. You are a mighty warrior disguised in lip gloss and jeans. You are a force for the Kingdom. Someone who prays and believes. Someone who tends to the wounded and lifts up the weak. Someone who speaks the truth to trembling hearts. Someone who knows that love and kindness are the strongest of weapons in this gone-mad world. You are a fighter and an overcomer and a healer. You may feel weary sometimes when the door finally closes behind you at the end of your day but I want you to remember that even then with Jesus you have won

You are making a difference. Some days it might be hard to see in the middle of a packed full calendar, the texts and emails and going here then there. It can be a bit of a blur sometimes, this work of ministry. But in all those places, in all those faces, you are changing the world. It’s a myth that world-changing is big and bold and loud. We see in Jesus that it is more about a hand on a shoulder, a gentle word spoken, a bit of attention given to the one everyone else might have overlooked. It happens in the ordinary and the everyday and the sometimes invisible. What you do matters more than you can know, more than you can possibly see this side of eternity.

You are loved. This is true not because of what you do but because you are you. You have worth not because of a position you hold or any performance you give, no matter how important or wonderful. You are treasured and valued first and always because you are the one-of-a-kind creation of a wild and creative God. He gave us such a gift when he dreamed you up. We see Him in your smile, hear Him in your laugh and see His image reflected in the details of who you are. You don’t need to be like anyone else. We are so glad that you are simply you.

You really are appreciated. As you carry on with all you’re doing, I hope you hear the cheers behind you and around you and for you. Especially today.


 A Heart Who’s Been Touched By You


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p.s. This letter was written by Holley Gerth and inspired by her friend Jennifer Watson, a pastor’s wife, youth pastor, dear friend and fellow writer. You can read more about Jennifer’s story on You can also find more encouragement on Holley’s site,


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