Celebrating Birthdays in the Spring

God has given us a remarkable gift in springtime – a time of beauty and promise, hope and new life. What a wonderful season to celebrate birthdays!

As you make your plans, remember that some people love making their birthdays BIG. They love gifts and gatherings, celebrations and surprises – and when it comes to guests -- the more, the merrier! But others prefer a low-key experience. They cherish more personal connections and make memories in quieter ways.

So when you’re considering that name on your calendar, first be sure to set the right scene for the guest of honor. Does he like crowds, or would he rather spend a quiet evening with a few close friends? Is she a creative, adventurer, or music-lover?

One way to truly bless a loved one is to let him or her know you really know them. Here are just a few ideas for how to celebrate birthdays in the spring:

Head Outside

Springtime provides a lovely setting for an outdoor gathering. Invite family and friends for a casual birthday brunch or (if it’s warm enough!) an early dinner. Add some inspiring décor and create a meaningful atmosphere to let them know how much they’re loved – by you and by the One who gave them life.

A garden tea party can be a fun spring birthday party idea. Invite everyone to bring her own teacup, wear a favorite spring dress, and send the birthday girl home with something like a candle that expresses her faith.

If you’re celebrating a sports lover, it might be fun to plan a little backyard Olympics. This is fun for all ages, and is sure to provide lots of laughter. Don’t forget some small, faith-filled prizes for the participants!

Get Creative

Celebrate her artistic side with a crafty “chat-n-chew.” Head onto the porch or open the windows in a sunny room, and cover a table with butcher paper and gather a wide variety of craft supplies. Invite friends and family for an afternoon of crafting, snacking and lively conversation. Have her unwrap a unique gift to kick off the party; any of our bible journaling supplies will provide hours of creative inspiration.

Invite guests to try some spontaneous crafting and have a little show-and-tell at the end of the party. They may even wish to create something to leave behind for the guest of honor.

Simple finger foods can be a great menu option! Share some inspiration with our faith-filled plates and serving dishes. You might consider sending one home as a birthday gift!

Send Some Love

A handwritten card can mean the world, especially when so much of our connecting is done online these days. Whether they live next door or around the world, a birthday card is always a treasure. For across-the-miles sending, you might consider a little spring-themed care package.

Have the whole family sign one of our inspirational journals; they’re easy to mail, and they invite the recipient into times of prayer and reflection. Or choose a necklace to send. Find the word that best reflects your shared journey, mail one her way, and keep one for you. It can be a beautiful daily reminder to keep one another in prayer, no matter how many miles are between you.

Spring is a busy season, but we can always find time to honor the “wonderfully made” people in our lives. Take a moment to thank God for the unique gift of each person you’ll be celebrating this year, and ask how you might bless them in a special way. No one knows them better than the One Who created them, and birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to share His love.

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