Hosting a Bible Journaling Workshop

About a year ago, I was introduced to Bible journaling. In fact, it was about this time last year that I purchased a journaling Bible for my daughter for Christmas. Seeing her Bible made me want to purchase one of my own. This was kind of a big deal because I hadn't replaced my Bible in decades prior to that. I liked my well-worn Bible with my maiden name and notes from high school studies inside, so it took a really special Bible to make me want to replace it. I don't regret it for a second! It’s nice to have more than one Bible – one to take with me to church or Bible studies and one to journal and color in.

I've had a good handful of friends ask me about my journaling Bible and how they can get started, so I thought I would offer up a get together with some of the women's Bible study group leaders and teach them how they could use the Created to Create Starter Kit to spend some time in the Word. It was a fun time with some great discussion and I wanted to share with you how you can host a Bible Journaling Workshop with your friends too.  

I gave each of the ladies their own refillable traveler’s journal since I knew they were just getting started illustrating their faith. You can provide your group with a journal or have them bring something they would like to work through {a devotional or their own journaling Bible perhaps} during your time together.  

How to Host an Illustrated Faith Workshop - download your 'Bible Journaling Workshop Guide' for a quick checklist to help you facilitate your own workshop.

Choose a Time

This particular women's group that I met with gets together every other week for a time of reflection for the groups that they host and lead. I joined them on one of their bi-weekly meetings. You may find that getting together during the day works better or perhaps planning a time in the evening works with everyone's schedules. Select a time and date so that everyone can get it on their calendar. And if you can’t select a date that works for everyone, try to get as many as possible on board and start planning a second date that more people can attend!

Gather your supplies

You will need a little bit of prep time ahead of your event. I found that this was easiest to do if I sat down and did a few pages in my Bible and my journal to have examples ready to show. Since the group didn't meet at my home, I wanted to make sure I didn't forget anything! I filled the table with supplies from the Created to Create Starter Kit and the Genesis Kit, as well as enamel hearts & washi tape, journals and examples from my journaling Bible.

Here are a few suggestions to get started:

Journaling Bible or Journals


Paper & Clear Cuts Pads

Created to Create Starter Kit & Genesis Kit

Washi tape

Clear Stamps

 Prompts, Paper Pieces & Tip-Ins

At your Bible journaling event:

Take some time to welcome your guests and explain a little bit about Bible journaling. Check out this great download, giving you a bookmark to set at each table setting: 7 Steps to Illustrating Your Faith. You can also download this Product Usage Guide to set at each table setting so guests can easily see how to use each of the tools in front of them. The first thing to make sure your guests know, is that there is no right or wrong way to illustrate their faith – they can just jot down notes that came to mind or start small with a few stickers, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or it can be as elaborate as they want. I explained a little bit about the items included in the Created to Create Starter Kit. I also took a few minutes to explain some of the techniques that I use {for example, I pencil my idea in first then go over it with a pen and a make-up sponge makes a good applicator for ink on a page}. To find more tips, tricks and techniques, check out our Bible Journaling articles! There are step-by-step tutorials as well to help guide your attendees as they linger longer in the Word.

Share some snacks and coffee because Jesus and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly, am I right, friends? It doesn’t have to be an elaborate spread – just a few things to munch on while you’re getting together: cookies, crackers & cheese, fruit tray, veggies & dip just to name a few.

This group had some amazing discussions in the short time that we were together. Just opening the Word and reading a verse out loud can spark some deep thoughts. Those deep thoughts are always better shared with your sisters. It's always interesting to see how God speaks to each person individually through His Word. One verse can mean something totally different to the person sitting across from you. Isn't that the best thing about the living Word?!

Send them home

After your event, send your guests home with some journaling supplies so they can continue illustrating their faith if you’re able to. Check out more Bible Journaling supplies here and grab a few goodies they can use at home or during your next Bible Journaling get-together – Washi Tapes, Stickers or Pens make great gifts for those in attendance.

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Those deep thoughts are always better shared with your sisters. It's always interesting to see how God speaks to each person individually through His Word.
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