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Creative Ways to Use Bible Journaling Tools

Bible journaling is a beautiful way to connect with the Scriptures by combining your faith and creativity. The best part about it? This is your personal journey through His Word, so you can journal in whatever way feels most natural to you. Whether it’s with art that covers the whole page, pulling the truths into the margins, or journaling in a separate praise book, take this time to connect with Him in an entirely new way. Grab your Bible journaling supplies and play with some new techniques.

How to Use Your Bible Journaling Supplies

With so many different kinds of supplies available for Bible journaling, you may feel overwhelmed. Bible journaling should never be stressful! If there’s a tool you’re not ready to try, then stick with what you are comfortable with. If you want to explore your own creativity with a variety of tools and supplies, there’s no better time than now.


Stickers aren’t just for kids anymore, and we couldn’t be more excited. Uplifting stickers are a fantastic way to show your faith. Inspirational words and images can bring your personal Bible study to life. Stickers are also a great way to get started if you’re hesitant about Bible journaling.

> Spell out thoughts, prayers, or book references with alphabet or written word stickers.
> Point out favorite verses or mark important pages with flag stickers.
> Stickers on a clear background accent the page, yet still allow your artwork and His Word to peek from underneath.
> Add sticker shapes to your pages for bright bursts of color and texture.
> Affix paper pad or tip-in sheets to your page with washi stickers.

Paper Pieces/Die-Cut Prompts

Our paper pieces include a Scripture prompt on each die-cut piece for inspiration to get you started. After you’ve finished journaling, adhere the appropriate piece to your entry with washi tape or tape runner.

> Glue sequins and paper pieces to ribbons or pieces of cloth to create your own decorations.
> Turn die-cut pieces into stickers with adhesive or a tape runner.
> Create a theme with a set of ephemera prompts and fill a whole page.
> Decorate the corners of the page with small paper pieces.
> Use sturdy die-cut paper pieces to personalize your journaling Bible cover.
> Combine chipboard icons with handwritten notes for journal entries that pop.
> Tape a large paper cutout in the margin to create a pocket to hold a special prayer.

Roller Date Stamps & Ink Pad

One of the best parts of keeping a journaling Bible is looking back at your walk with God to reflect upon your spiritual growth. A date stamp is a wonderful way to document your journey in the Word.

> Date each entry in your journaling Bible with a stamp.
> Mark a truth you have discovered with the date you found it.
> Leave a stamp each time you revisit a favorite Scripture.
> Stamp a date on prayers you’re praying, then leave another when your prayer has been answered.

Clear Cuts Pads

Clear cuts pads offer even more opportunity for creativity! These transparent film sheets give a mixed-media feel to your journaling Bible, and brighten the page in a few easy steps.

> Tape a full transparent sheet into  your journaling Bible to add more space to journal in the Word.
> Trim the sheet to create your own tip-in, then decorate with stickers and paper pieces.
> Use a paper punch to cut shapes to tape or glue into your journaling Bible like stickers.
> Cut the images from a full sheet to arrange as a background and journal over it.
> Create layers with different clear cuts sheets—either with the same pattern in complementing colors, or with entirely different designs.

Tabs/Clips in Your Bible

Tabs are an essential Bible journaling tool! They’re a wonderful way to mark specific thoughts, to help you find your favorite verses, and to watch your progress as you work your way through your Bible study.

> Adhere a tab to a Bible page with washi tape to label themes within your journal.
> Tab the first page of each book with Bible chapter tabs.
> Mark verses that speak to your heart with designer ribbon or pompom clips.

Clear Stamps, Acrylic Block & Ink Pad

The clear stamps and reusable acrylic stamp block make it easy to journal the Word in an artful way. Collect inks in different colors to make your stamps pop.

> Spell out a thought or meaningful word to make it stand out.
> Use a thin layer of paint instead of ink for extra texture.
> Sprinkle glitter over freshly-stamped paint to add a dazzling effect.
> Create a pattern in the margins as you meditate on each message.

Paper Pads/Tip-Ins

Sometimes you need extra space to journal everything He’s telling you. Make bonus space in your Bible to add meaningful messages, sermon notes, or thoughts you want to remember.

> Adhere a tip-in to the length of your page—try using washi tape—and gain extra space in the margins.
> Add a whole page by taping a paper pad sheet in the binding or at the outer edge of the Bible page.
> Use a clear cuts sheet over a paper sheet for a layered effect.
> Trim tip-ins or full sheets of colorful paper and create a pocket to tuck away special messages.

Sticky Notes

Sticky prayers or inspirational sticky notes can jumpstart a Bible journal entry. Carry blank sticky notes with you so you can record special moments to remember when you sit down for your quiet time with Him.

> Tuck sticky prayers throughout your journaling Bible for pops of inspiration.
> Jot sermon lessons down on sticky notes, then washi tape them in your journaling Bible.
> Use washi tape or a tape runner to create flaps and windows on your pages, then hide extra messages underneath them.


Paints add gorgeous splashes of color to each entry. You can use a single color or play with multiple colors to create stunning effects. If you get overzealous with your paints they can bleed through, which creates a beautiful effect on the next page—so embrace those little ‘mistakes’ and make something wonderful out of them.

> Add ¼ inch dot of paint on the end of the Paint-It card and smear it on your Bible page for a perfect layer.
> Create a background in your margin—or across the whole page, if you like—and journal right over the beautiful colors.
> Paint on the back of a clear cuts sheet to make the colors stand out even more.
> Use stencils to dab paint shapes or words onto the page.
> Create a shape with washi tape on the page, add a thin layer of paint over the whole page, then remove the washi tape for a bold effect.
> Decorate your journal cover.
> Create a splatter paint effect by spritzing watered-down paint over a finished entry for some extra flair.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is as fun as it is useful. It peels and tears easily, can be separated into thinner strips, and is repositionable and removable.

> Attach tip-ins, clear cut sheets, and paper pad sheets to your Bible journal or devotional for extra space to write.
> Highlight meaningful verses and truths with strips of washi tape.
> Decorate the edges of your journaling Bible pages with strips of washi tape.
> Fold washi tape over the edge of a page to create a tab.
> Create a mask on your page with washi tape before you paint, then remove it for straight, clean lines.
> Make a background with strips of washi tape in different colors and patterns, then add your entry over it.

Pens and Pencils

Of course, all you really need to start your journey in the Word is a journaling Bible and your favorite pen or pencil. Pray, listen for His answer, and journal the lesson that most speaks to you. Whether you use art, hand lettering and flowing script, or just write from your heart, the most important part is the connection you’re building with Him.

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Whether you use hand lettering or flowing script, the most important part is the connection you’re building with Him.
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