Be A Giver

Then they opened their treasures. They gave him gold, frankincense and myrrh. (MATTHEW 2:11) 

Gift-giving is a huge part of Christmas, right? 

The tradition of giving gifts can be traced back to the wise men, who brought gifts to the baby Jesus. They brought some of the most expensive gifts possible. But they also received a special gift: Jesus, who would save the world. Today, let’s think about giving. 

First, the wise men gave gold, a precious mineral that is expensive even today. Second, they gave frankincense. This was an incense or perfume that smelled good. Incense is often burned in religious ceremonies, so it points to Jesus’s importance in religion. Often, the myrrh was an oil used to pour over or anoint someone. The anointing could mean that the person was dedicated to serving God or to confirm that they should be king. 

These expensive treasures were meant for a king. They were a sign of respect, a sign that the wise men recognized the importance of this baby. Others who met baby Jesus, though, gave a different kind of gift. The shepherds took time away from their flocks and told everyone about the newborn King. Simeon and Anna had awaited the baby for years. When they finally saw Him, they gave Mary and Joseph the gift of words of encouragement. 

Expensive or not, giving demands one thing: you, the giver, must think about who will receive the gift. For example, to find the right gift for your grandmother, you must think about her and what she likes. Giving means giving of your time, energy, or creativity. That’s the way to find the perfect gift. 


Father, thank You for the gift of my Savior, Jesus. No other gift can compare. Teach me to be a giver of special gifts. 

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