An Autumn Blessing for Your Family

Life, like nature, unfolds in seasons. Springtime mirrors childhood, full of new beginnings, and fresh hope, a time of innocence and discovery. Summer, like our teen years, simmers with white-hot passion and the illusion of invincibility. Autumn speaks of maturity, with its rich kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and settled calm. Finally, winter sneaks up and covers the ground with a blanket of white just as age brings a covering of settled rest and quiet contemplation.

As this fall season approaches, I find myself delighting in the autumn of my life - old enough to appreciate my blessings and young enough to engage them wholeheartedly. I find that I’ve come to a place of prominence just as my mother and grandmother did before me. I relish my new place and the responsibility that comes with it to set the tone for my family, celebrate our differences and speak blessing over each beloved family member.

I also appreciate my role in fostering our family bond. Let’s face it, family gatherings can be stressful due to differences of opinion, opposing political views, an unending to-do list, and all the traveling our modern families have to do to see each other. Therefore, I’m happy to prayerfully serve as peacemaker.

So before this busy fall season begins, I ask that you join me as we lift up our families (in all their messiness) to our heavenly Father, who loves us all and is the author of our peace. Won’t you pray with me now?

Dear Father, in Your beautiful book of Psalms, chapter 103 and verse 17, You give us this wonderful promise, “From everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children.” What better promise could we receive from You in the autumn of our lives than to see our children and children’s children blessed with Your love and righteousness? We ask for Your hand of blessing on us as well. Bless us with strength to be there for those we love, and wisdom to know what to say to bring comfort, encouragement, and sometimes difficult truth. We will need Your patience as we wait for Your perfect will and way in each of our loved one’s lives. We are so grateful, Lord God. Amen.

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