A Prayer for Overwhelmed Mothers

It’s true—being a mom is amazing and rewarding, but at times, it can be just plain scary. And there are times when being a mother is so overwhelming, There are moments when you think to yourself “is this really happening right now?”—and all you can do is approach God in prayer. For instance, when you find yourself arguing with a toddler about why it’s important to wear both shoes as you stand in your toy-infested living room, knowing you’re already 30 minutes late to work when all of sudden your other toddler decides she is not happy with her choice of breakfast and now wants waffles instead of yogurt. And, it is in these moments where we have a decision to make. Do we run screaming for the hills or do we face the situation, accept it for what it is and do the best we can not to yell “just get in the car” while throwing their favorite stuffed animal across the room? And, let’s face it, we don’t always make the best decisions.

While we all know the best plan is to stay constantly tuned in to our Lord and Savior, looking to Him for guidance, strength and patience, sometimes in these moments it’s easy to let the situation get the best of us. With this in mind, let us pray together, asking God to intervene during these overwhelming moments in this season of motherhood so that we can be the moms He created us to be.

Dear God,
Thank you for my beautiful children and for all the love and joy they bring to my heart. Lord, I long to be the Mom that you want me to be, but sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with the tasks at hand that I forget to lean on You. Lord, please use these times to remind me of your loving arms—remind me to be as patient with my children as I know you have been with me. Remind me to rest in You, Lord, and give me the strength and wisdom I need to carry out your will for my life. In Jesus’ Name I pray.

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