September Incentive Program

We are so excited to launch our first-ever Affiliate Incentive Program! During the month of September, we want to reach out way beyond our close-knit DaySpring circle to share our mission with more and more people from all corners of the Earth. And, who could help us do this better than you - our DaySpring affiliate network of God-honoring, amazingly talented writers, bloggers, photographers and brand ambassadors.

Here are details:

  • If you can bring in 10 new customers (as in first-time purchasers) during the month of September, you’ll receive a $50 bonus payment.
  • And, it doesn’t stop there. For every new customer you bring in over the first 10, you’ll receive a $5 bonus.
    • This means, if you bring in 10 new customers, you’ll receive a $50 bonus.
    • If you bring in 11 new customers, you’ll receive a $55 bonus.
    • If you bring in 15 new customers, you’ll receive a $75 bonus.
    • If you bring in 20 new customers, you’ll receive a $100 bonus.

We want to help you meet this goal!

In September, we have some neat campaigns and deals to help you reach new customers for DaySpring. Here are some key talking points to share when promoting DaySpring:

  • Sweet End-of-Summer Savings Event ends Sept. 5th - reach out to your audience with “final hours” messaging. Let them know this is the perfect time to stock up on gifts.  Banners available in SAS & CJ.
  • We’d love for you to write a post regarding a DaySpring product that encouraged you or helped you encourage someone. We’d really like a first-hand account of how our product was used as a resource to share God’s love. And, you may even want to include a small blurb about why you choose to work with DaySpring, and share our vision with your audience: We want to see every person experience and express the life-changing message of God’s love.
  • Invite them to take our #EncouragementDare. The #EncouragementDare will be Sept. 10 - 15, and it will include free downloadables, checklists, inspirational articles, shareable Ecards and more! In conjunction, we will be hosting an Encouragement BOGO Sale. We’d love for each of you to take the dare the spread the word. More on the #EncouragementDare coming soon!
  • Annual Christmas Preview! We will have new Christmas boxed cards, gift bags, stationery sets, ornaments, décor and more! We are also super excited to show off our new Shepherd on the Search items and our new decorative door banners. Email me if you’d like a Christmas Preview Sample box - I’ll mail you a sampling of the new Christmas items to review.
  • September is New Arrivals Month! We will be launching several new books, mugs, DayBrighteners, journals, Bible journaling tools and so much more. Be on the lookout for new DaySpring goodies that might resonate with your audience.

Be sure to check out the bi-weekly newsletters to stay on top of these campaigns and deals. At the end of September, we will pull the reports and pass out bonus payments. Thanks so much for all you do for DaySpring!

The DaySpring Affiliate Team