A Promise Prayer - an eCard Devotional

A Promise Prayer

With every New Year comes new promises we make to ourselves. We often promise to eat healthier, exercise more or to be better organized. Instead of self-promises, let’s make some promises to God together - a promise prayer to foster hope and a renewed spirit in each of us. 

God, we promise to embrace life together and offer encouragement to each other. Let us persevere with a focus on the race marked for us. Help us to fix our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfector of faith (Hebrews 12:1-2).

We promise to be strong and courageous. Lord, we cast our worries at your feet. We know you will take care of them. We know we have nothing to fear, but have everything to hope for in Christ.

We promise to trust in you, God. We pray that you fill our hearts with joy and peace and that the Holy Spirit overflows our soul with hope.

God, we praise you for your steadfast love and for creating us in your own image. It was you, of course, who gave us the most precious promise of all - the promise of eternal life, a new life in Christ.



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