A Letter from Shanna Noel

A Letter from Shanna Noel

At DaySpring, we feel blessed to partner with Illustrated Faith Founder Shanna Noel. While we are truly excited to bring you lovely, faith-filled supplies, we are just thrilled to bring light to the art of Bible journaling - a new, fresh way to connect with Scripture by combining faith and art.

A wife and mother of two, Shanna is a lifelong scrapbooker who started using her passion and a journaling Bible to begin illustrating and documenting her faith… right in her Bible! Her first Instagram post ignited a wildfire that just keeps growing, helping women and men connect with God’s Word in amazing new ways.

In celebration of Illustrated Faith’s 2-year anniversary, Shanna wanted to send a special “thanks” to those who have joined her in her Illustrated Faith journey. Please take a moment to read the sweet note from Illustrated Faith Founder Shanna Noel to you:

Dear Friends,

Wow!!!!!  I can't believe it has been two years since Illustrated Faith started! In some ways it has gone by SO fast but in other ways I am amazed at what God can do in such a short period of time.

I often get asked what I personally did to get Illustrated Faith to where it is today and time and time again I point it all right back to our amazing God and THIS amazing tribe! So many of you have been with me since before Illustrated Faith was born, you watched me discover what Bible journaling has meant to me, and joined me on this amazing journey. You walked beside me as I went from someone who saw the Bible as confusing and unfamiliar to something I cherish and look forward to learning more about each and every day!

I am so thankful to have YOU along with me as we grew from a small Facebook group of a couple hundred to over 30 thousand! Thankful for the thousands of you I have been blessed with meeting in workshops, retreats, and through social media, hearing your stories and how Illustrated Faith has impacted your life, laughing into the night, crying with new friends and praying well beyond our time together. There are truly no words for how YOU have impacted not only my life, my heart, my family but the Bible journaling movement as a whole, but it is my hope that my deepest gratitude is felt from me to you

xoxo Shanna Noel  


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