A Day In The Life - Morgan's Story

Morgan's Story

Life is a little shaky for me right now. In the past six months, I’ve graduated from college, moved out of my dorm room, got an apartment, adopted a cat and started my career. It’s exciting and fun and scary and well, the best way to describe it is that I’m just a basket of emotions. Pick one, and I’ve probably felt it within the past two days (or if I were to be honest, the past two hours). However, through this process, I’ve grown closer to God, and for the first time in my life I’ve realized that nothing surprises Him. While everything around me may change, He is my one constant and I thank Him every day for being that rock that I so desperately need. 

Today, I share with you how I’ve invited God into every hour of my day - from sunrise to sunset. - Morgan

Every Tuesday morning, I meet my best friend/college roommate for a cup of coffee before we head off to our different jobs. I gave her the Two Women Met For Coffee Mug last week because it was her birthday. It was the perfect present to let her know how much these coffee dates truly mean to me. 

When I graduated from college, my older brother gave me the My Hope - Pendant Necklace. I wear it almost every day. Not only do I love the meaningful message behind it, but it also reminds me of my caring, big brother.

Decorating my new office with messages of God’s love and grace gives me comfort throughout my day. I use my God of Love Desk Pad to jot down assignments as well as little reminders of who I need to pray for that day.

I just adore my Inspirationl Magnets because it allows me to share my faith without saying a word. It has opened the door to many conversations with my new co-workers.

Since I moved into my apartment, I’ve probably redecorated five times. No kidding. I’ve found that I thoroughly enjoy creating my new space into something that is just me. The Everlasting Light - Wall Map Canvas Pin Board is one of my favorite pieces yet.

Before calling it a night, I check my phone to see who has a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion for that matter. A lot of times, I will send my friends and family a DaySpring eCard to celebrate with them, or to let them know I understand their struggles. 

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