A Day In The Life - Janie's Story

Janie's Story

Looking back on my life, the Lord has blessed me dearly. And, even when the road was bumpy, I felt the Lord’s presence, and for that I am eternally grateful. Today, my kids are grown, my grandkids - Emma and Daniel - are amazingly perfect, and my husband enjoys fiddling around the house. We retired last year and I’ve spent the majority of my time carving out my new normal and experiencing the Lord in ways I never thought possible.

Today, I share with you how I’ve invited God into all hours of my day. My hope is that my routine will inspire you to set aside a time for just you and God - something I wish I would have done years ago. - Janie

Waking up, I pour myself a cup of tea, and sit on the porch where I spend quiet time with the Lord. For the first time in my life, I am experiencing the full joys of His creation. 

My loving husband gave me this beautiful necklace when I retired. I put it on every morning before leaving the house. I love expressing my faith to others, and this beautiful piece reminds me of God’s love all day long.

Every Wednesday, I meet with my book club for lunch. I was so inspired by this book that I bought a copy for the entire group. I thoroughly enjoy discussing my walk with the Lord with them.

In the afternoon, I pick up my grandkids from school. As soon as they get to my house, they run to my activity closet where I keep projects for them. My favorite activities open the doors for our conversations about Jesus.

At least twice a week after dinner, my husband and I take 30 minutes to write cards to our friends, family and loved ones. It’s just our way of showing we care.

Before turning in for the night, I spend time praying - seeking His heart, and asking Him to guide me in all I do. Writing in my guide helps me stay focused and present, and allows me to reflect on God’s answers.

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