9 Signs You Grew Up in a Christian Home

Growing up in a Christian home is a little like being from a different country. There’s a whole world of décor, music, entertainment, activity and wisdom available to the faith-filled families of our generation. How do you know your childhood was influenced by this amazing and blessed culture? You might relate to this list:

1. Your pets were named after Bible characters.

You might have had a cat named Joseph, a fish named Jonah or a dog named Barnabas. In any case, the Bible was a rich resource of clever callings for your pets – and most likely siblings, as well.

2. Scripture. Scripture everywhere!

Not that this is a bad thing, but chances are, you remember wall hangings, picture frames, vases, calendars and other images decorating your childhood home. After all, what a great way to keep encouragement and truth at the forefront of your everyday life? Check out a modern way to display the beauty of scripture in your home.

3. You prayed before everything and for everything.

From mealtime to bedtime, prayer was always a part of it. Conversation with God was a regular part of your family’s life. It wasn’t uncommon to pray for a sick pet lizard or missing car keys – your family just knew that talking to and praising God were the right way to go!

4. You went to church. A lot.

Sundays were a must of course. Wednesday may have been choir, youth group or family pot luck night. You may also have experienced Friday night worship, Saturday work days, Bible study groups and other random acts of involvement with a close-knit group of believers. As a result, you likely had quite a few friends and a tight-knit church family. Spending a lot of time together will do that!

5. You watched “clean” television.

Depending on the decade you grew up in, you probably remember Pa playing his fiddle on Little House on the Prairie, bubbles & accordion music from the Lawrence Welk Show or the theme song from Seventh Heaven. You may have watched certain movies that involved fast forwarding or muting certain “questionable” sections. Or if you had Sky Angel, you never knew there were any questionable sections in any movies! This was all in your parents’ desire to protect you and help you enjoy some innocent fun, of course.

6. Easter was a REALLY BIG DEAL.

We’re not just talking about bonnets & bow ties here - although new clothes and spring color certainly added to the festivities. For believers, Easter transcends bunnies & plastic grass, into the realm of “most important event in history.” In some cases, it might’ve even started the night before trying to prep for the infamous Easter lunch. Nothing was going to ruin the “perfect Sunday.” Not the meal, not the photos...nothing.

7. Sandi Patty and Michael W. Smith were your friends.

You wore out your cassette tapes or albums of Amy Grant, Petra, Rich Mullins, Steven Curtis Chapman and other Christian music pioneers. There’s no telling how many times “Friends are Friends Forever” was played in your room.

8. There was food. There was always food.

Look up “fellowship” in the dictionary, and you’ll probably find a plate of fried chicken and homemade ice cream as the illustration. Church activity always meant snacks, pot lucks, simple soup suppers and doughnuts during fellowship hour. When someone was sick, there were casseroles. When someone had a baby, there were meal trains. The church kitchen usually had stacks of washed plates & dishes to give back to their generous owners.

9. You received a Bible as a rite of passage.

Chances are, you received a Bible as a gift from at least one person, at some point in your childhood. It could’ve been as a baby gift, first communion or graduation gift. It may have had your name engraved on the cover, or spelled out on the book plate. You probably still have it and it’s probably very special to you!