7 Ways To Bless Those In Ministry

7 Ways To Bless Those In Ministry

1. Write them a heartfelt card.

We all know how truly special a handwritten note can make one feel. Let your ministry team know how much you treasure them by taking the time to write personal messages to each one of them - they are sure to treasure your encouraging and thoughtful words.

2. Frame artwork from your children’s church.

Have children create artwork to express their thankfulness during their Sunday school classes. Gather up your favorite pieces, and frame them for your pastor, his wife or maybe even surprise your children’s ministry director with this most precious gift.

3. Personalize their new journal with personal messages.

Have each choir member write notes of thankfulness in the front pages of a new journal, and then present the journal to your worship leader before practice. This way, he/she will always have words of encouragement to look back on while they are journaling their deepest thoughts and prayers.

4. Plan an office makeover.

Do you have a church staff member who just never got around to decorating their office? Or maybe their room is just in desperate need of an update? Surprise them with an office makeover! Invite a team to come in on a Saturday and decorate their walls, desk and surroundings with the uplifting message of Scripture.

5. Fill a mug with their favorite candy.

Anyone on your ministry team have a certain fascination with a specific treat? Whether it be M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Twizzlers, or Skittles, filling a mug with their favorite snack will let them know you care.

6. Share your favorite book or devotional with them.

Want to get to know a member of your leadership team a little better? Give them your favorite book or devotional, and then ask them to coffee next week to discuss it. This way, you’re not only celebrating ministry appreciation month, but you are also deepening your relationship with a church leader you might not otherwise get to know.

7. Give them the gift of “time.”

As you know, your ministry team is constantly on their feet, counseling the broken, looking for ways to strengthen your church family, blessing the community and bringing souls closer to Christ. Why not take on a few of their responsibilities this month and give them an hour or two extra with their families? It would probably be the best gift you could give.

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