6 Unique Ways to Help Kids Share Their Faith

6 Unique Ways to Help Kids Share Their Faith

When it comes to sharing your faith, even adults find it challenging. We worry that we will say the wrong things, come on too strong and in some cases even lose a good friend in the mix. So, if it’s hard for us, just think about how hard it must be for our kids - our teens and preteens who are faced with choices each day that could affect the rest of their lives.

How do we help them lean on God as they face daily pressures, and how do we help them encourage others to do the same? Here are six helpful ways to get kids started in sharing their faith as a normal part of everyday life.

1. Lead by example.

It’s no secret that children learn by imitation. Sign your family up to join your church’s evangelism team or volunteer to chaperone a youth mission trip. By actively working alongside your children to spread the word of God, they will be less likely to be caught off guard when faced with uncomfortable conversations with classmates.

2. Keep a family prayer journal.

Family dinner is the perfect time to set aside a few minutes as a family to pray. Encourage everyone in your family to participate by adding the things they care about to the list. While you may add friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members to the list, your children may choose to add their friends, classmates and teachers. Take time to pray through the list on a regular basis as a family and don’t forget to write down (and celebrate!) the work God is doing through your prayers.

3. Make sharing faith a family affair.

Help with Vacation Bible School at your church or maybe you can participate in a community outreach, take a class on evangelism, or volunteer at your local food bank.

4. Be ready to gift a little encouragement.

Everyone needs encouragement at some point, so why not be prepared for when the opportunity presents itself and stock up on faith-based gifts for kids and teens. Your kids can give these gifts to their friends on those last-minute special occasions, or when they just need a little pick me up.

5. Share without saying a word.

In the same way that an interesting coffee table book sparks conversation, many times Christian t-shirts, jewelry with Scripture, and school supplies with a message can convey God’s Word in subtle, intriguing ways that help your kids share truth without even saying a word. As your kids head off to school, send them with supplies that could open the door for them to share the Gospel.

6. Let the Little Children Come to Him.

Many churches these days tend to coordinate fun activities for kids throughout the year. Is VBS just around the corner? Or is your child’s youth group having a pool bash, food fight, or bonfire? Fun church activities provide great opportunities for your kids to invite their friends to church. This can in turn open the door for them to share Jesus with others.