3 Basics to Start a Well-Stocked-Up Gift Closet

3 Basics to Start a Well-Stocked-Up Gift Closet

If you're like me, it seems like birthdays, baby showers and gift-giving occasions just surprise me when I least expect it! But 30 minutes before a party is not the best time to run to the store, look for a gift, find the perfect card that conveys the right sentiment, get a gift bag and buy tissue paper. This started becoming a more common occurrence the busier my life got, so I finally decided to do something about it: start my own gift closet and keep it well-stocked so I could be ready for any "emergency" occasion I completely forgot 'till the last minute. Here are a few items I found necessary, and quite frankly easy, to always keep in stock:

1. Multiple Occasion Cards

It's funny how sometimes we feel like no one warned us that certain major holidays or occasions were coming (as if some of these didn't happen every year), but let's face it, most of us tend to procrastinate and never prepare for such dates. While there may be a few events that don't occur very frequently, for the most part, I always have a friend celebrating a birthday or going through a difficult situation. And when the holidays come around, I'd rather go "shopping" in my closet than face the crowds, so having boxed cards on hand for several of these occasions that will come sooner or later (like birthdays, baby showers, hard days and thank you notes) only makes sense to me.

2. Variety of Gift Bags

When I'm in a hurry, I don't have time to mess with wrapping paper. Which is why I love having a variety of gift bags ready to go for any occasion. I love making the best of every chance I get to share a truth from God's Word. Even the smallest seed speaks to the human heart and does not return void, so I love having gift bags that have Scripture on them to bless my friends and family (even if they don't know Jesus yet). Who knows, God may be working in their heart already and one of those Scriptures could contribute to that!

3. Handful of Simple, Versatile Gifts

Again, when I'm caught off guard, the last thing I have time for is shopping for a gift. Plus there's always that person I need to buy a gift for that I'm not that close to, so naturally I'm not too familiar with their taste. To make things easier on me, I like to keep a small supply of gifts I can grab if my neighbor invites me over, or a coworker invites me to her bridal shower, or a relative ends up having a birthday party. If a new neighbor moves into my block, it's always a blessing to surprise them with a little something. This pitcher is one of my favorites as I can write a short personal note, and with a little creativity–it doubles as a flower vase!

What I love about having a gift closet is being able to bless people and make them feel special. There is something about giving someone a gift, or sending them a card when their birthday is coming up, that opens up the door for true relationships to happen. Often we wonder how to encourage someone going through a hard time or share the Gospel with someone, but I find that a simple gesture like a handwritten card or a small gift invites people to welcome you into their hearts leaving room for the Holy Spirit to move!