Why 21 Days?

21 Days of Encouragement Resources

At DaySpring, we are passionate about living our faith - not just knowing and accepting God’s truths, but also actively sharing His love by serving and encouraging others every day of our lives. For this reason, we launched a new campaign on May 9th called 21 Days of Encouragement, in which we will commit to encouraging a minimum of one person per day for 21-straight days.

Why 21 days, you ask? Well, we’ve all heard the thought that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our 21 Days of Encouragement campaign inspired a life-long change in your heart - one that never ended? What if we activated our entire DaySpring family to spread God’s joy and shine His light every day for the rest of our lives? Because, after all, isn’t that we are called to do? 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (ESV) says “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up.” Join us in our 21 Days of Encouragement now. Here is a quick start guide to prepare you for this journey.

Stock up on boxed cards. We all know how nice it feels to get a handwritten card in the mail. Grab your favorite, inspirational boxed card set today and get ready to put pen to paper on May 9th.

Send a card to let someone know they are on your mind today
Send a card to let someone know how thankful you are for their friendship
Send encouraging cards to a nursing home or hospital nearby
Leave a card for your spouse to let them know how much you love them

Boxed Cards

Grab a few Just for Fun gifts. Something as small as giving your co-worker a memo set could open the door for more valuable conversations. 

Give a small gift to someone 'just because'
Pass out scriputre shareables to your coworkers
Leave an ispirational magnet on someone's fridge when you visit
Leave encouraging sticky notes in your child's lunchbox

Just for Fun Gifts

Choose the perfect gift for your closest loved ones and relatives. The 21 Days of Encouragement Campaign creates the perfect time for lift up those who mean the most to you.

Fill the first couple pages of a journal telling someone how much they mean to you
Fill a coffee mug with their favorite candy
Give a meaningul necklace to remind them how special they are to you
Leave a perpetual calendar on a coworkers desk to remind them of God's love every day

Encouraging Gifts

 Send an encouraging eCard. Know someone who needs encouraging today? Want to reach out via email or social media? Check out our inspirational eCard Studio to send an encouraging message in a matter of seconds.

Send an eCard to someone who has helped you in your walk with Christ
Send an eCard to someone who needs Get Well wishes
Congratulate a friend who just got a new job
Encourage a friend and let them know you're praying for them

eCard Studio

We are so excited to embark on this campaign with you. Know someone who might be interested in joining this journey with us? Send them this article by clicking on the icon below and ask them to sign up for our newsletter to get updates, resources and tools to help them live their faith. Need more ideas to encourage others? Click here for more resources and tools.