2 Minutes or Less

2 Minutes or Less

Many of us just don’t have extra time in our schedules to make the bold, extravagant gestures that we wish we could. But, just because we don’t have a lot of time doesn’t mean we can’t make a big impact. In fact, sometimes it’s the small things that mean the most. Here are some ideas to help you share the love and hope of Jesus in two minutes or less. 

» Pray with them

» Write a handwritten card

» Send an eCard

» Leave an uplifting sticky note for a co-worker

» Remind someone of God’s promises

» Send a 'Thinking of You' card to a friend 

» Note the positive changes you see

» Tell someone how they inspired you

» Let someone know you are praying for them

» Give a sincere compliment

» Tell a joke

» Loan your favorite encouraging book

» Send a 'thank you' card to a friend just for being there for you

» Leave a song on their voicemail

» Speak positively

» Share an encouraging thought

» Show appreciation to your pastor or music ministry leader 

» Ask someone how they are doing & listen

» Give a high five

» Let the store manager know what great service you received from one of their employees

» Give a card to a friend who means the world to you

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