10 Fun Ways You Can Use Letterpress Blocks

10 Fun Ways You Can Use Letterpress Blocks

I love how versatile the (in)courage Letterpress Blocks are. You can spell names, words that are significant to your family, Scripture references and you can even use numbers and punctuation marks!

But if you’re anything like me, with so many options it can be overwhelming to know what you want to do. Not to worry! We’re here to help! We’ve come up with a list of 10 fun ways to use the Letterpress Blocks.

1. Decorate them! Glitter, spray paint, washi-tape – whatever your creative heart desires. My friend Crystal decided to glitter hers!

Decorate Them

2. Use them as bookends!


3. Spell your last name (I think mine would take up an entire wall. Ha!)

Last Name

4. Use them as stocking holders.

Stocking Holders

5. Hang your house numbers on your porch (try spraying with a weather-proof spray to protect them from the elements outdoors).

House Numbers

6. Speaking of outdoors – you could even decorate your garden! There’s no place these blocks can’t go!

Decorate Your Garden

7. Spell out your favorite Scripture reference for a daily reminder from God’s Word.

Your Verse

8. They make great wedding gifts – how cute would it be to gift the new couple with “you & me,” the couple’s new last name or “Mr & Mrs”?

Mr and Mrs

9. They also make great baby gifts – create the child’s name or initials or their birth date.

Baby Gifts

10.  Spell YOUR word of the year.

Your Word


Do you have a fun idea we didn’t list? What other fun ways would you or are you using the blocks? We’d love to see – and read all about it! If you’ve ordered your own Letterpress Blocks, let us know how you've customized them and why you love them so much on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use hashtag #WordsMatter.