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Kristen Welch - Rhinestone Jesus


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Kristen Welch - Rhinestone Jesus

$12.99   orig price: $15.99
Rhinestone Jesus is the story to Kristen Welch's journey from comfortably living a safe, "good-girl" faith that didn't cost much, to realizing that God was daring her to say yes to a bolder, more authentic, more dangerous way.  This story of spiritual adventure throws the doors wide open for any woman who's ever thought of herself as "just a mom."  Kristen will inspire and empower you to say yes to God right where you are - and stand amazed at how your life will shine.

Rhinestone Jesus
Saying yes to God when sparkly, safe faith is no longer enough
Kristen Welch

Product Details:
  • Size:  5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
  • Pages:  256
  • Softcover
  • Published by Tyndale House Publishers
Over the years, Kristen Welch has grown a vast following of moms who identify with her real, often funny, and always inspiring writing at  In 2010 Kristen and her family founded Mercy House Kenya (  Kristen is an (in)courage contributor, frequent speaker, and a regular contributor to Lifeway's HomeLife and ParentLife magazines. 
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Recommend: Yes

Do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK

I loved this book. So many good take aways and loved her story. It was encouraging, inspiring and motivating. I liked the thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter. I'm thankful for people like Kristen that share their stories through good books like these. I definitely recommend this book! Now I'm looking forward to following her blog.

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Mary C Wilson Andrews

Recommend: Yes

Waking up from the American Dream

Throughout this book, the theme of "Saying Yes in your Mess" is repeated, but what does that even mean? It is a creative way of using God's word to help personally surrender and get real. Real surrender. It's all in the book and it is so worth it. Surrendering is hard and scary and uncomfortable...but it will change your life. I want you to meet my new friend and author Kristen Welch . She is the kind of friend that you know could meet you for coffee as you shared your hopes and dreams about the God-sized passion in your heart and she would not even hesitate to listen and pray with you. She has been in the trenches and wrestled with the hard decision of moving from "Sparkly-safe pin on faith" to rolling up her sleeves and literally getting into the slums of Africa to show Jesus with skin on to the hurting. God has chosen her family to help especially the pregnant teens living in the slums. What a story that she has to tell... He takes a blogger who saw first-hand the slums and gut-wrenching living conditions, breathed a dream into her heart and with the complete overhaul of her family's future, dreams, focus (even using their own savings accounts and 401 K) He brought them together as a family in only a way that God can do. Kristen is humble and quick to remind everyone that all that they do is only because of Jesus. Not the Rhinestone Jesus, but the real deal! It is what God has asked them to do and they are being faithful and along the way, THEY ARE LOVING IT! Can you imagine what your American Dream would look like, if you surrendered it all and let God re-shape your life? Where would it take you and your family? What could God do through just one person? The ripple effect is un-ending. Now that you know a little more about Kristen. Let me tell you how her book changed my life. I felt like when she was writing her book, she was writing my story...a story of a dream to change the world! At times the every day struggles that we as women/wives/mothers all share can sometimes "cloud out the sun" and everything around us feels gray and our dream dies a little each day. The very vision that we know that the Lord has breathed into our unique souls. And we don't have to go to Africa to change the world...we just have to be willing to say "Yes" right in our mess. Right where we are and right where God has us. Then, when we surrender the control (that we never really had), we can let it all go. This "American Dream" that we kill ourselves to have and then end up with nothing to show for a lifetime. When we get honest, and dream a God-Sized dream, it will be more amazing than we could have ever imagined. That's just how God is...I love how Kristen says in her book, "I thought I had stuff; turns out it had me. I want Christ, He is much greater than all the riches of the world. He fills empty places. And cleans up cluttered hearts." As I read this book, I realized that my heart was "cluttered". I had pinned on my faith, with Rhinestones that were worthless, tarnishing and falling apart. I wrestled with parts of this book, re-reading it over and over to get it into the deepest parts of my soul. I know that I am a believer, but I want to do more than just exist. I want to affect change in someone's life. God has big plans for me, I just have to yield to Him. Hello? Okay God, I hear you! I am listening... My God-sized dream is different from anyone else. He has something really special already ordained for me to do, but I must listen for His voice and calm all the other voices vying for my attention. How would you change your life if you could? How could you say "Yes in your Mess" right now? This book will help you discover how you can say YES! Mary C Wilson Andrews blogger @

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Rachel Lundy

Recommend: Yes

Learning to Say Yes

In Rhinestone Jesus, Kristen Welch tells her story and shares about the journey God has brought her on. She shares about high school, the early years of marriage, and the challenging days of motherhood. She shares about the hard things God brought them through as a couple and as a family. She tells the story of travelling to Kenya with Compassion International and her heart being broken there. The time in Kenya shook her awake from her American dream, and soon a dream for a maternity home in Kenya began to grow. I loved reading Kristen’s heart in these pages. She is real and honest in Rhinestone Jesus. She will be the first to admit that their family isn’t perfect, but they are striving to glorify the Lord in all they do. In the process of telling her story, Kristen also shares practical tips and ideas for nurturing our own families, growing closer to one another, and keeping our family focused on glorifying God. Throughout the book, Kristen encourages other Christians to follow the Lord and say yes to Him in whatever He calls them to do, no matter how “big” or “small” it is. She says, “Saying yes isn’t really about doing it all. It’s about saying yes right where you are. It may seem small or insignificant, but any time you love someone or care for another person’s needs, you’re changing their world, and yours, too. It’s about looking up from your everyday life and seeing opportunities around you to make a difference. It’s about loving others as we are loved.” Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Rhinestone Jesus. All opinions are my own.

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Recommend: Yes

Yes in your mess!

This book wrecked me in the best possible ways. When the book came I was in the midst my yes- well this one. I was planning and packing for a three month mission trip to Zambia, Africa with my husband and five year old daughter. I've followed Kristen's blog for years and "know" the story of Mercy House Kenya. In reading Kristin's story I feel like I lived it with her. From ministry, motherhood, marriage, and everything in between. The words resonated with me. It's a beautiful story of how Jesus is changing the world. Don't say no to God based on your circumstances! Say yes right there in your mess! Philippians 4:13. I can't wait to see how God continues this story! It's powerful stuff! Pray for your yes (even in the everyday) and follow hard after it. You're not alone in that.

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Washington, DC

Recommend: Yes

Inspirational & Beautiful!

Heartily recommended for anyone desiring to dip even a toe into the stream of possibility to dream of what God could do in and through them! With compassion, the written words allow one to glimpse into how God can show up in ones humanity and invade hardship and destitution for His glory. Having first met Kristen in 1992, when we shared the same dormitory hall in undergraduate school, her character even then was graced with a sincere passion to write truth and make a profound difference. Having just finished the book, the pages encapsulate her faith in God and obedience in the midst of sincere humility and transparency. One can see the beautiful transformations take place in multiple situations where to the human eye, it resembles nothing more than a "mess". In obedience, the theme of "yeses" become a beautiful portrayal of humanity and God's redeeming transformation and provision in a God-sized task and the story of His work of drawing others with like-minded hearts to make an eternal and global difference. It is practical embracing motherhood, marriage, family life, and reaching beyond the borders of home. It is profound in that Kristen's story, when given to God, becomes a glorified example of what He can do with a "yes," even when that yes comes with personal cost and undeniable joy.

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